Karalyn Shaw


I am an artist from Brisbane, Australia.

I am always creating in one way or another: a true creative compulsive!  

Ever-inspired by all the beauty and magic of this wondrous life, I love using my hands to make, draw, paint and write; to translate what I see, feel and think into delicate, elegant, often detailed, tangible pieces. I have a love of pattern and light and am strongly influenced by my zeal for nature, geometry, literature, philosophy, poetry, film, music and the vibrant cultures and languages of our world.

My handmade items particularly reflect my deep affinity with Japanese, Scandinavian and French aesthetics and cultures.

When I'm creating, I feel much freedom, energy, playfulness and happiness - like a relentlessly excitable child. Perhaps I am 'the child who survived'.

I play with installations, origami installations, origami, himmeli, sculpture, surface-pattern design, printmaking, illustration, handmade papers and bespoke stationery - I do my best to keep the art of handwritten letters alive!

This website is a portfolio of my work. You can also visit this site's menu to find links to my blog, my 'handmade' Etsy shop and my surface-pattern design Spoonflower shop.

Thanks for stopping by ...