200 Anzac Day Poppies for Westfield Carindale

I was thrilled to receive a commission from Westfield Carindale and to be made an official supplier to the Westfield Group, recently.

On Wednesday evening of this week, I hung 200 origami poppies at the shopping centre in honour of Anzac Day and to commemorate the fallen.

The suspended poppies are so beautiful in their etherealness. They represent ANZAC souls floating above the harsh, cold, muddy terrain of Flanders fields, below.

I carefully calculated appropriate hanging heights for the various poppies so they would have the best possible representation from all angles. I colour-coded each bundle of 10-20 poppies beforehand so I knew whereabouts to hang each flower.

I loved every second of this project on so many levels and am very grateful to Westfield for the commission.

IMG_2096 2.jpeg