Back to school!

It is another little ritual chez Shaw come the last week of January each year (see earlier posts!) to transform what are otherwise quite mundane exercise books into treasured works of art. I collect papers of all sorts (including for e.g. old stamps and cigar and chewing gum/bubble gum wrappers) and my children and I have a field day examining them all and experimenting with their suitability for book-covering or … as we played with this year … collage! The kitchen table hasn’t been used for its proper purpose for about 3 days now (well, actually, that’s not altogether uncommon here in any event!). We all had so much fun working on these together and think they are beautiful enough to adequately pleasantly distract come any fleeting (hopefully not too frequent!) moments of boredom! Here are a few more …

IMG_9722 3.jpeg
IMG_9721 3.jpeg