A little mathematics at Christmas!

Earlier in the year I had a lot of fun getting lost in the masses of books for sale at the UQ Alumni Book Fair. I filled several boxes ... (they were only $5 for a full box of books!) ... some were to read and others, to 'play' with!  I was delighted to find several old geometry textbooks (an area close to my heart) and put them away to later use, creatively.

I transformed the mathematical texts into ten or so sepia/neutral toned wreaths.  They are stunning in their angles, aged-colours, patterns, content and overall shape. They'll make a beautiful window installation. A few though are for a couple of maths enthusiasts in my life ... a very appropriate Christmas present!  

I even transformed the cover of one of the books into a simple origami heart which I used to decorate a recycled kraft card. How I love getting lost in mathematical beauty of any sort!