A beautiful heart ...

My huge heart was pounding with excitement this morning as I hung my beautiful Valentine's Day creation in a stunning light-filled window for everyone at Orb Hair and Beauty, New Farm.

I measured and hung each line of delicately folded origami hearts and crystal beads to form a larger heart shape. The holographic papers and crystals played with the light and the resulting piece looked striking and very elegant (much like the styles Deb and her wonderful team create in the salon!).

Here are some photos I took of the final work.

May we all find a way to celebrate love this Valentine's Day!

"The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched.  They are felt with the heart."

(Antoine de St Exupéry: The Little Prince ... one of my favourite books (and authors) of all time!)


Origami heart installation for Orb Hair and Beauty, New Farm for Valentine's Day!

Origami and crystal bead detail.