Another little piece of my heart ...

My Valentine's installation is now ready to hang!

The little red, pink and white holographic paper origami hearts are threaded onto fishing line together with circular crystal beads and create a larger more striking heart form (approximately 120cms x 120cms). Each origami and crystal piece is crimped in place using tiny silver jewellery crimps.  The lines are weighted down with small fishing sinkers at the base. 

The shiny paper hearts resemble Valentine's chocolates and the crystals look like diamonds! There's an analogy with the fishing line and sinkers too ... to 'fish in the sea' perhaps!

I work on a white cloth to enable me to get a clear sense of the shapes, space and detail I'm working with.  Each line is 'numbered' and secured ready to position in situ in a light-filled window at Orb Hair and Beauty, New Farm.

I love playing with light and colour in my work and the surface of these papers and the crystals catch and reflect the light beautifully.

May everyone's heart sparkle this Valentine's day ... just like my stunning Orb installation!  

The series of lines of little origami hearts and crystals on the white cloth I use to plan my work.

A close-up of my little origami hearts and crystal beads crimped in place on the lines.

The overall large heart shape ready to hang!  Fear not ... 'tis not a broken heart ... the space in the middle is simply to enable me to negotiate the wall bracket when I hang the work!  (Or you could look at it like a Japanese philosopher or Leonard Cohen and see it as simply a way for the 'light to get in'!) 😉